Jiaxing Zhongzhi Trade Co., Ltd. was established as Jiaxing Nanhua Import and Export Department; now, we are a specialized trade company invested and founded by Jiaxing Nanhua Chemical Co., Ltd in March, 2013. Located in Jiaxing city of Zhejiang province, we enjoy good location for we are only 100km away from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou respectively.

            At present, most of staffs own rich knowledge and long-term operation experiences in chemical...

            To welcome you to join in the zhongzhi trade, be one of us one. Our employees as our most valuable asset.
            Contact us
            Import and Export Department
            Contact:Miss Chu
            Office:Room 504, Building 1, Rongtong Business Center, No. 505 Wenqiao Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
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